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Distribute free samples of Clinique iD

They have returned to launch this great promotion with which they distribute free samples of Clinique iD!

They define it as the moisturizer of the future, created according to each type of skin 🙂 Thus, its moisturizing formula is personalized since it combines hydration + treatment. There are 15 possible combinations. The bases to choose are Moisturizing lotion, a gel that controls the fat and moisturizing aqua-gel. For what they say, the results are optimal with each dose, the Custom-Blend technology isolates the concentrated assets of the moisturizing base. And now they give it to try for free!

This promo is valid in certain locations in Spain until August 28, 2019.

To get one of the free samples of Clinique iD that you share, you can do the following:

  • Go to the promotion page on facebook.
  • Click on the promotional image or on the " Get offer " option.
  • Approach one of your El Corte Inglés outlets with the printed coupon or on your mobile to collect your sample easily created instantly.
  • Ready! And enjoy it.
  • Each coupon is valid for one person. In the promotional website, they report everything in more detail.

The idea of ​​creating our personalized moisturizer is perfect, tailor-made concentrated assets are available. In addition, they do not contain parabens, phthalates or perfumes. To take care of the skin in a healthier way, without irritation, what a desire to try it! This past Christmas she was also given a free trial.

Do not hesitate to participate if you would like to take one of the free samples of Clinique iD that you give away, it's a bargain!

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